Create your own home spa experience with our ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser.

This is the most efficient form of oil diffusion. Oils are not heated unlike conventional essential oil burners.  This ultrasonic technology converts the oil and water under high frequency vibration, without heating the oil, into a fine and gentle mist – creating a natural spa-like atmosphere in the room.

999 kr


Type: Ultrasonic.
Timing function: Yes.
Capacity: 400 ml water tank.
Button Control: Adjustable Mood Light options, Adjustable timer Mist options.
Safety: With automatic water shortage Power-Off Protection.
Power: 240V, Cable.
Includes: 1xAC adapter, 1xManual, 1xWater measuring cup.
Size: Large (400 ml)
Material: PP
Color: Dark wood

How to use:

Fill the 400 ml tank with cold water and simply add 2-3 drops of one of our unique diffuseroils (Harmony or Summer Field).

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