Blu Aeris

Blu Aeris has a warm and woody base with notes of cedarwood, oud and patchouly, and topped with the freshness from jasmine, rose and bergamot. Just adding a drop and the scent will last the whole day.

349 kr


Natural perfume oil from botanical essences. Ingredients not derived from animals (cruelty free) or GMO plants. Free from ethyl alcohol and therefore more gentle to the skin. 

Perfume oils by Eroma Perfumes are concentrated and long lasting. Our bottles are travel friendly (fits in your purse, pocket or even hand luggage) and equipped with a roll on tip, allowing for precise application wherever you are.

10 ml





Woody (Aged Oud), Citrusy (Bergamot), Floral (Rose, Jasmine)

Floral (Oriental Rose, Jasmine), Woody, Saffron, Amber

Woody (Oud, Patchouly, Cypriol, Cedarwood), Musk, Amber

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