Brand Ambassador Sandro

We are proud to present our Italian Brand Ambassador.

Sandro Brotini, Italy.

Click here for Italian.

What does beard and good scent mean to you?

– It means having control on my appearance and on myself, indeed it is not an easy task to have a nice and clean beard.

How do you take care of your beard?

– I mainly have two routines during my day: as early as i wake up i brush and perfume my beard, an right before i go to sleep i use beard oil on it, personally i don’t like having my beard too shiny and oily during the day.

Why did you choose to become Brand Ambassador for Eroma?

– I believe in the quality of small producers and their care for the craft and i had many occasion to try their excellent products. I love their fragrances especially “Passion“.

What is your best tips for other gentlemen within fashion, beard and style?

– Don’t follow trends or momentary fashions and try to feel good in the appearance you have, it will make a visible difference.

– And also be meticulous in finding your own style, even in the smallest things.


We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors in Norway.
Please check our Ambassador Program. (Norwegian)

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