Einar Angel Eilertsen - A viking from the north

Eroma Perfumes proudly present our new brand ambassador from Mårnes outside Bodø, north in Norway.

Einar Angel Eilertsen - A viking from the north
Einar Angel Eilertsen
Einar Angel Eilertsen
What is your spirit animal? And why?

– Dog and Squirrel.

I grew up with dogs so I have many memories with dogs, Wheaten Terrier is my dog of choice. 
The dog represents a true friend and comfort.
The squirrel represents the child in me, they are so playful and free. And they are so cute.
What does a beard and a good scent mean to you?

– I prefer beard oils with no added scent, so my favourite is the Neutral beard oil. I prefer the perfume to give me the scent I want, and my favourite Eroma perfume is Passion

How do you take care of your beard?
– I wash it everyday and add oil to it while it is still moist, and blow dry it so I can shape it the way I want. 
Why did you choose to become a brand ambassador for eroma?

– I was recommended their products, so I sent them a DM on Instagram, and here we are. 

I love that their products are vegan, natural and without alcohol. Eroma beard oil gives my beard a fresh and clean look.
What is your best tips for other gentlemen within fashion, beard, trend and style?
– Be yourself, and treat your beard with Eroma beardoils, you won’t regret it.
Einar Angel Eilertsen
Einar Angel Eilertsen
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