Eroma Perfumes is a Norwegian brand established in 2015. Located in the heart of Norway, Oslo. Not an ordinary brand – It is a satisfaction with feelings behind, love to environment and passion to innovation. We will continue to bring the best quality to reasonable prices. 



Our focus is not only to provide a great product, but every aspect of the process from being safe – with a guarantee and pride of being cruelty free and natural – to the very last requirement to meet our high quality standards. As a Norwegian brand it also makes us proud to present a Scandinavian approach, within scents and our delicate use of oils. 


Eroma Perfumes is a lot more than just a perfume. Eroma means love in Latin and Italian. Read it backward and you will know.  

Our formula is based on the concept of attar. The word ‘attar’, ‘ittar’ or ‘itra’ believed to have been derived from the Persian word itir, meaning perfume. Originated from the Arabian and Persian peninsula. 

With the approach to a cold, as well as a warm climate, makes Eroma Perfumes a unique brand. 



Our fragrances are based on botanical ingredients. To us, it is important to have ingredients that are as natural as possible. In order to preserve our important factor about animal welfare, we have made sure that ingredients that help to create high quality and long duration are pure and/or synthetically produced and also completely free of GMOs.

Free from Alcohol

Many people experience allergies and reactions on the skin to alcoholic perfumes. That is why we produce our perfume oils WITHOUT that alcohol. This makes it more concentrated and gentle to sensitive skin. Alcohol evaporates in contact with air and often causes the fragrance to not last as long. With our perfumes you will find that they have a very long duration, just by adding a few drops to the skin.

Norwegian brand

Eroma Perfumes is a brand from Norway. By buying our products, you also help to support and strengthen ethical Norwegian brand, design and production.

Travel friendly

Our bottles are easy to use and easy carry with you. We have roll-on tips instead of sprays – this makes application very easy, where you can control how much you want to wear and exactly where on the skin you want the scent. The bottles are 10 ml and you can therefor keep it in your pocket, bag or on a plane in your hand luggage.


A very important factor for us is animal welfare. Therefore, our perfumes are natural and not derived from- nor tested on animals. Many important bases in general in perfumes come from animals, i.e. musk is derived from deer – here we have produced our bases in a botanical and synthetic way to avoid the use of animals. This makes Eroma Perfumes a Vegan product, and we are proud of it!