Geir Søyseth Nordby - With great honour

Eroma Perfumes proudly present our new brand ambassador in Kristiansand – the very south of Norway.

What is your spirit animal? And why?
– I share personality with the swans. I value honour and truth. I am a meditator. I always look for the good in people, and the bright side of life – sometimes its hard to find, but i keep on searching. 
What does a beard and a good scent mean to you?

– Beard or facial hair frames your entire face, making you either polished and attractive, or if your beard is all over the place, a hot mess. A beard is an odour trapper, so if you smoke or work around strong smells it can get caught in your whiskers. So for me – an attractive and healthy beard with a pleasant scent is a big Yes.

Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador
Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador
Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador
Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador
How do you take care of your beard?
– I wash my beard with beard shampoo and/or natural shampoo for men. Towel dry it. Comb it. Keep my beard hydrated and conditioned with Eroma beard oil. Blow dry it. And then use beard balm for the final touch.
Why did you choose to become a brand ambassador for eroma?

– When Jamil from Eroma contacted me, and presented himself, Eroma and their values, products of natural, non alcholic, vegan perfumes and beard oils, I liked his gentleman side of approaching me. I looked in to Eroma’s website, to get to know the products more. Discussed it with my family and girlfriend. I felt honoured  to get this opportunity. I can do this. This was the main objects for my decision to say yes and join the Eroma family.

Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador
What is your best tips for other gentlemen within fashion, beard, trend and style?
– Believe in yourself – you’re good enough, find your style and follow your dreams. Stay healthy. Sleep well. Beard is the ultimate style accessory for the moment. 
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Geir Søyseth Nordby - Ambassador