Henry Lemoin – The Bison from Norway

Eroma Perfumes proudly present our new brand ambassador in Oslo – the capital of Norway.

Henry Lemoin

What is your spirit animal? And why?
– Bison – because they represent strength without aggression, perceverance and their presence demands respect.
What does a beard and a good scent mean to you?
– For me, it’s about self-expression.
When it comes to scent, i like perfumes that are discrete and memorable.
Henry Lemoin – The Bison from Norway
How do you take care of your beard?
– I’m a very busy man, so i like to keep it simple. After a shower in the morning i slap on my favourite beard oil and finish of with a beard balm.
Why did you choose to become a brand ambassador for eroma?
– Because they have a great selection of beard and perfumes that any required taste accomodates.
What is your best tips for other gentlemen within fashion, beard, trend and style?
– My advice would be to find your own individual style and what best suits you. But don’t try too hard, because individuality should be effortless.