Mohamad Zarey - "The Kurdish Gorilla"

Eroma Perfumes proudly present the talented MMA fighter as our new Brand Ambassador in Oslo, Norway.

Mohamad Zarey - The Kurdish Gorilla
What is your spirit animal? And why?
– I feel both wolf and gorilla.
The wolf because they are smart and the best fighters in the world. The gorilla because they are strong and sweet.
What does a beard and a good scent mean to you?

– For me its important to have a clean beard with a nice scent. That makes me feel naturally good.

How do you take care of your beard?
– Easy – I wash it often to feel fresh and always add beard oil with a mild scent.
Why did you choose to become a brand ambassador for eroma?

– You have to try the products from Eroma to understand why i love it so much. But most importantly that their products are Natural and Vegan, and No alcohol added. When i use it, i feel natural.

What is your best tips for other gentlemen within fashion, beard, trend and style?
– Just be yourself, and be proud of yourself the way you are.
Mohamad Zarey - The Kurdish Gorilla
Mohamad Zarey - The Kurdish Gorilla