Eroma Scent

Perfume Oil

Carefully selected ingredients, and a distillation method that runs back to the old persian empire, we present the scents of Eroma Perfumes.

Made from botanical sources, no GMO and no ingredients from animals. It is not mixed with alcohol and therefor gentle to the skin, and a more long lasting scent.

Beard Oil

If there’s something we truly know – it is oils! Our beard oils are made with organic ingredients, and come with five great qualities, mild and interesting scents and a reduced greasiness to the oil.

Premium Beard Oil

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We are expanding, and looking for more retailers. If you have a Barbershop, Beauty saloon, Vegan-/organic shop, or something fitting to our concept – Get in touch with us!


Our section “EromaTerapi” sets focus on your well being. Bring the spa home and enjoy the relaxing sensation.

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