About us


Eroma Perfumes is an all-Norwegian entrepreneurial company that was established in 2015, and is run by André, Thomas and Marius. We are a down-to-earth company that focuses on delivering the best in vegan treatment oils for hair and beards, unisex perfume oils, soaps and diffuser fragrances. With a love for the environment and a passion for innovation, we will continue to deliver the best of quality at reasonable prices.


Our focus is to deliver quality vegan products that are not tested on animals. As a Norwegian brand, we are proud to present a Scandinavian approach within fragrances, soaps and oils.


Eroma is more than a Norwegian brand. Eroma means love in Latin and Italian. Read it backwards and you will understand. Our formula is based on the concept of attar. The word "attar", "ittar" or "itra" originates from the Persian word itir, and means perfume. The origin comes from the Arabian and Persian peninsula. We combine the Norwegian climate with the warm tones in our fragrances, which makes Eroma a unique brand.