Collection: HOME & LIVING

We play with words and get EromaTherapy - and that is exactly WHAT it is. The news from Eroma Perfumes reflects much of what many of us value highly.

In our new, and not least important, venture, you will find exciting products in personal well-being.

Find peace, open your senses, and treat yourself to a real spa experience with our EromaTerapi products for both home and office. The products are also very suitable for Spa and Yoga.

Inspired by nature

First up are two unique and beautiful diffusers. Elegant and modern design in the form of a vase, brings natural beauty to both living room and bathroom. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, fill the built-in container with water and add just a few drops of an Eroma fragrance oil of your choice. Choose between 7 different mood lighting and optional time setting. Enjoy the wonderfully fragrant steam that rises from the top of the vase, and create your own spa experience with a pleasant room fragrance.

Treat yourself to some well-being, or surprise someone you love, with the EromaTerapi Diffuser.